Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TO Zebra or NOT to Zebra...

Is it so bad if I want a real zebra rug? I found a beautiful one at a flea market and just couldn't decide what to do. I hate impulse buys but I usually know if I like something when I see it, so when I pass something great up, then I end up thinking about it the rest of the week (which is what I'm doing now). I know they have beautiful "fakes" that look just great but it seems like they would be a nightmare to keep clean, especially in a ny apartment. Someone has to buy the rug I saw at the flea market, right? Here are my other alternatives...

Ballard Designs

Jonathan Adler

Shades of Light

Williams-Sonoma Home

Maybe I'll settle for Williams-Sonoma.

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Anonymous said...

If it isn't too late you should check ebay. More selection. I found that a faux stenciled "zebra" cowhide was most desirable for me because of the natural/nuetral shades of brown.