Wednesday, February 13, 2008

David Jimenez

I am extremly picky when it comes to residential design so it is not too often that I come across a designer that accomplishes what I look for. I love interiors that can be lived in but also look like they came straight out of a top design magazine - accomplishing this is a difficult task and I find few designers are able to complete a room that is crisp, clean, well-designed, and uses the space effiently (not to mention looks like they didn't spend a fortune - Anyone can do an incredible interior with an unlimited budget). David Jimenez does just that. Below are a few photos from his portfolio.

If I didn't know any better I would have said the last four photos were from a Wearstler project. Thank you House & Life for introducing me to him!


SGM said...

Oh my gosh--GORGEOUS! Especially love the first image and his photo wall.

Anonymous said...

from TX palomino! loved this designer...thanks C for all your posts - awesome! like the shaklee stuff too -- i was green when green wasn't cool :)


i thought the yellow chair is wearstler :) amazing photos... great designer