Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Green" is the new Black!

I hate to jump on the band-waggon...but, for the last few years all I have heard in commercial design is "green" and "sustainable" and now it is finally hitting the general market. Here are some Eco-Friendly products by some big names and little ones.

A sustainable rug from PotteryBarn.

Organic Pleated Bedding
from West Elm and considered green because of the process used to make it.
This is the bedding I have in my apartment that I went through hell to get when it first came out.....it was sold out for two months online and the store! Luckily I knew of a few stores who would definitely not be sold out and went through them!

Do you have your cute grocery bag yet? Whole Foods is getting rid of plastic bags on Earth Day 2008.

I love Shaklee!!! I'm sort of a nerd who is really into vitamins and my health. Shaklee sells vitamins, make-up, food supplements, and cleaning products. They just released a new updated version of some of their greatest cleaning products. The Scour Off is by far the best product ever created. I swear it will clean anything!!

Environment Furniture They use old wood to make their products. The end results are beautiful modern pieces at a great price.

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