Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A fabulous pergola from the pergola queen herself

This months NY Mag dedicated to design included several homes throughout the tri-state area. My favorite included the newly designed upper eastside backyard from Charlotte Moss’ very own home. I love her mission statement for the project...“I needed an outdoor room. I wanted to have that little bit of Bel Air”…a little bit of Bel Air in New York sounds great to me, only a woman like her could say that AND make it come true!Moss created a beautiful fireplace that lines up with the entrance-hall gallery as you enter the house,”when you come in, the fire is going; it just pulls you out there”. Doesn’t that sound lovely!
What beautiful details! To read more on this article click here.
(photos from Mark Heithoff)


SimplyGrove said...

I absolutely love Charlotte Moss's backyard!!! The detailed chairs she used are gorgeous!! And that tablescape!! LOVELY!

Brilliant Asylum said...

CM is a lucky woman to have such a fantastic outdoor space (though it is well-deserved). How cute is that little King Charles Spaniel?

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love her outdoor space!!!