Wednesday, August 12, 2009

you make us proud Nate

Everyone knows how wonderful the cutie-patootie designer Nate Berkus is AND I’m sure everyone in the design world is aware of his new line he has been cooking up for HSN but have you actually seen this stuff? Well I haven’t, until yesterday… and I’m obsessed! I seriously want one of those shiny pillows. I think everyone should have at least one neutral sequined or metallic pillow in an accent chair somewhere in the house it just helps to give a little sparkle and glamour to an otherwise calm room.


training courses said...

Aw! The pillows are adorable. I want one.

Global city condo said...

Such a beautiful pillow! The metallic color is dazzling.

Erin said...

OMG, those pillows are amazing (they look inspired by fashion!)

ashley@decorology said...

Thanks for the info on 200 water st. That's interesting to know that most aren't as large as the showroom. By the way, I love your blog and have added it to my blogroll.

Best and thanks!