Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hall Of Fame Awards

Last night I attended Interior Design Magazine’s annual Hall of Fame Awards at the Waldorf Astoria. Not only did I have a wonderful time, but I was blown away by the winners including Steven Harris, Lucien Rees Roberts, Gwynne Pugh, Lawrence Scarpa, Takashi Sugimoto, and Erwin Hauer.

Each winner was given an introduction by the fabulous Cindy Allen (Editor in Chief), and a video of their history, where they came from and how they got to where they are in their career. Of course I fell in love with residential architect and interior design team, Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts. Below are just a few of their works…

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Renee Finberg said...

oh no !!!!
i love this blog.

we like alot of the same.

i think i may have to add you to my blog-roll,
so that i will know when you have a new post !

thank you