Saturday, October 11, 2008

No longer a newlywed...

...but still just as in love. My husband and I are off to Boston this weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary. We have both never been and thought it would be so much fun to take a New England trip in the fall while the leaves are changing. Have a happy weekend!

Photo by Jennifer Hudson from Olive Avonlea.

She was amazing, I highly recommend her!


Denee King said...

Newlywed is a state of mind! Congrats on the anniversary - here's to 99 more!
We're love to have you drop by and visit us at

MABELLE said...

Ok, this is SO CUTE I can barely stand it!!! Congrats on your anniversary :) I hope to get married one day tooooooooo and to be as lucky as you to find real love :) (ummm...sorry for the sappy outburst! But I mean it.)

And yes- how great is the outlet! I would LOVE your company next time I make the trip out there :) I actually recently went, and will be blogging about it soon ;)

Let me know what you think of the new store!