Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another Kitchen to add to my "love list"

Another beautiful kitchen featured in the May issue of Metropolitan Home.

Below is another kitchen featured in the mag. This kitchen is home to skilled artists who love their craft...don't you think they would have hung a different photo/art piece in the kitchen, instead of a woman dressed in 80's clothing with a pink shoulder-pad jacket on the street...I guess it's one of those art pieces I just don't understand.

Thanks to David at Bless this Bike for giving a shout-out. Your blog is great and makes me so excited to ride my bike this summer in the city! For great bike trails and fun places to ride check out Bless this Bike.
I also loved the posting from David on Google's new way of being green. This search engine uses a black background to save energy while you do your regular searches on google - what will they think of next?

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