Friday, March 21, 2008

Eye Candy

Finally! Domino has done another spread on an interior by my absolute favorite designer Ruthie Sommers. I feel in love with her and her style from the first issue of Domino {loved the crazy pink sofa she appeared on the cover with}not so long ago. Her interiors are to die for… rich colors, classic design, and a mix of modern and vintage. All over perfection! Below are a few photos from the newly designed offices of Drew Barrymore.

I love photos, especially old ones that shout glamour. Ruthie has done a beautiful job of displaying such a large amount of them over the back wall of Drew’s office. Photos not only help to add depth to a wall but also allow you to mix so many colors into such a small room which in-turn add rhythm and movement. The pineapple lamp is yummy!

This photo is exactly the style that comes to mind when I think of an award-winning actress’s manager/publicist. A high-styled old Hollywood {bar included} office. The rosewood and chrome desk spells retro glamour. {Note to self: I must get a pineapple lamp}

Now we come to the office of my dreams! Contrasting the lightly pastel walls is a beautiful antique painted red matte hutch, I also love how Ruthie carried the red throughout the room with light touches and accents…including the large trim on the curtains.

I guess I will just have to wait another year or two for another beautiful spread from Ruthie Sommers.

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Kat said...

When I make millions off my children's books, I'm hiring you to decorate my entire home...and I'll let you drink on the job!

PS- Overheard in NY is awesome...that's where some of those quotes are from on my blog. If you go to, there are links for Overheard in NY and Overheard at the Beach...LOVE IT!

LOVE you!