Saturday, February 27, 2010

My apartment

I always think it's so fun to see how others live. Here is a little sneak into my apartment. My husband and I moved in about 6 months ago, so of course I have a mile long list of things I would like to do and add but it just takes time (and convincing of the husband). My hopefully soon purchases will be lamps from circa lighting (I'm in serious need of a new big floor lamp), a fabulous vintage headboard (like hers but smaller), and new bedding (I'm thinking Pratesi or at least similar to). Thoughts?

The reason we signed the lease...the view
...actually this is the current view as of yesterday with all the snow!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can I be her?

Wouldn't it be SO fun to be Nate's Apprentice?! I could totally be one of these girls! My apartment would fit right in. Nate, start a firm in New York, you already have an apartment here and the perfect apprentice waiting for you!

images via Chicago Home Mag

Dear Nate, I heart you

and think you have fantastic style!

images via Chicago Home Mag

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday mornings

I absolutely love Saturday mornings. It's "me" time to enjoy coffee, catch up on blogs, and look for inspiration. This morning in particular there is a blizzard going on outside that is just beautiful. I love when it snows here. All the noises of the city are muted, there is a blanket of white, and calmness lays over the city. I also love that I have large windows to look out and feel like I'm in the middle of it all.

Well, on to my inspirational find of the morning. Amy Morris Interiors, I'm loving the mix of french design with modern elements.